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Property Plus
A publication of the News & Observer
Editor and advertising designer

Shop 'til you drop
Property Plus feature article

Tales and legends
Feature article

North Carolina's heart and soul
Feature article

The 43rd Annual Benson Mule Days
Feature article

News & Observer

She had a license to make you feel good
Feature article

Howard Starkel, radio psychic 'Rock 'n' Roll Psychic'
Contributing author

Outer Banks Current, Kill Devil Hills, NC

Meet the Lost Colony Hunks
Cover story

Less time cooking means more time for having fun
In Season, weekly column

Innovative Cooking
In Season, weekly column


Riding elevators can be an uplifting experience

Singular atmosphere of an old-time country bar

British student exchanges ideas and information during American visit

Three musicians touch soul with a wave of magic
Music review - On PKM, a local band formed from members of Nantucket)

Burlesque dancer likes stripping the light fantastic
Features, co-written with Jess Rollins

"The art of communication is the language of leadership." ~ James Hume

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