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Processes and guidelines

SharePoint - How to use CQWP
Instructions for using content query web parts to display content from a SharePoint list or document library.

Your Guide to Email Administration
Step-by-step instructions for the administration and use of custom domain-based email hosting.

Fiber Optic Disaster Recovery Plan
Defines and describes the disaster recovery plan for fiber optic services.

Software manuals

ABB Foresite 4.0 Manual (excerpts)

Installation manual for GIS-based electric load forecasting and decision support tool and long-range distribution planning.

MetaSolv TBS Software Manual
Manual for software used to as a tool for provisioning, design and troubleshooting of voice and data services.

Enterprise Insight™ 3.0 User's Guide
User's manual for asset and contract management software.

Enterprise Insight™ 3.0 Administrator's and Installation Guide
Manual for administrators to use to install, setup records, and maintain software package.

Web standards and administration

Web Site Creation Requirements and Guidelines
Planning a web site – includes checklists, planning sessions and gathering requirements.

…People who describe culture and values and how people behave - I've heard people refer to it as 'the soft stuff'-they often underestimate its importance. The soft stuff actually is the hard stuff." ~ Carly Fiorina, Hewlett Packard CEO

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